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Nabila Makram, Egyptian Minister Whose Son Is in Trial for Slaughter, Threatens the Opposition With Slaughter

2022/05/29 15:05:00 | Adham Hamed | Reports
The Egyptian minister’s son is waiting for a trial in U.S. courts.
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The Supreme Court of Orange County, California, has scheduled the trial of Rami, son of Egypt's Immigration Minister Nabila Makram, on June 17 for the murder of two young men in the United States.

Rami Hani Munir Fahim, 26, a resident of Irvine, California, was charged with double murder for stabbing his co-worker, as well as another person living with him inside his home.

According to the court's website, he noted that the trial date had been set for May 6 during another bail review hearing for the minister's son, an employee of LPL Network RIA firm Pence Wealth Management, who was arrested on April 19 as a suspect in the double murder.


Rami's Involvement

Earlier, District Attorney Jeff Moore, of the Homicide Unit, which is investigating the case, accused Rami of murder in special circumstances; he stabbed his co-worker, as well as another person living with him inside their apartment in Anaheim, Orange County, 28 miles southeast of Los Angeles, which has a large Arab community.

The investigators confirmed that the circumstances surrounding the crime could make the accused Rami eligible for the death penalty, according to investigations that confirmed his use of a deadly personal weapon, the knife, which the accused is believed to have used to stab the victims, which was found inside the victims' apartment.

According to investigations, the suspect's fingerprints matched Rami's weapon used to stab his co-worker, Griffin Cuomo, 23, to death, and then stabbed his flatmate Jonathan Bahm, 23, to death inside their apartment on Kayla Street in Anaheim, at around 6:30 a.m. on April 19.


Building Guards

A guard at the building met Rami on the roof of the victims' apartment complex around midnight on April 18, just hours before the killing, police said, Los Angeles Times reported.

Rami was seen on the fifth floor of the victims' apartment on the morning of the killing, building surveillance cameras, and surveillance cameras showed several apartments on the same floor and other floors of the apartment building.

The Anaheim City Police Department said in an April 20 press release that Rami was still inside the victims' apartment and suffered a minor injury when Anaheim police responded to a 911 call, in which the caller confirmed that there was a fight inside an apartment.

Local police also indicated that Rami had been taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and then interrogated by homicide investigators who put Rami under arrest for the murders of the victims.


Denial Then Confession

The incident was kept secret and out of media coverage and no one reported the incident to the Arab media outlets.

According to official sources, Al-Estiklal knew that the Egyptian embassy in Cairo sent delegations and requests for the U.S. officials to solve the issue without a court trial.

But sources confirmed that the judiciary system in the U.S. could not be broken in such obvious and clear homicide incidents, and the Egyptian side was greatly disappointed because there were no “loopholes” that could be beneficial to the settlement of the issue.

As soon as media outlets leaked the news and brought the official records of the case, the first response from state-backed social media accounts was mere denial.


But as soon as media coverage widened, and there was no escape, the minister issued an official statement on her Facebook page, calling for everyone to pray for her through her family’s crisis.

“May God’s will be. My family and I are going through a great trial, and we are going through a difficult time after my son was accused of committing murder in the United States of America. This charge has appeared in a US court and has not been handed down,” she wrote.


Slaughter of Opposition

Ironically, the same minister whose son is accused of murder gave a speech in Canada in 2019 in which she appears to propose that critics of the country should be assassinated.

"What happens to anyone who says anything negative about our country?" Nabila Makram inquired at a private gathering for Egyptian diaspora members in Toronto, Canada's economic center.

"Anyone (who) says a word about Egypt will get it what (what will happen to him)?" she said. He cuts off," she says, passing her hands on the neck, referring to the slaughter mark, and Egyptian immigrants respond with applause.

"We will not accept any word on Egypt because we have only one country, which includes all of us, and we cannot tolerate (we cannot) bear a word from outside from anyone," Makram said.

Mohamed Kamel, a member of the board of directors of the Egyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy, told Radio-Canada on Tuesday that the remarks were "very dangerous and unacceptable."

"It reminds us of the Jamal Khashoggi case," he said, referring to the Saudi journalist who was murdered and dismembered last year at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul.


'Fake' Egyptian?

The Egyptian minister has a long history of being detached from Egyptians’ issues and problems, and she was always accused of being self-centered and working for the sake of her colleagues, not for the Egyptian people.

This appeared clearly during her visit to the village of Farsaq, known for its pottery in the center of Basioun, Western Province, where residents found luxurious carpets furnished on the bridge.

The contrasting scene seemed strange, how could she cross the dilapidated bridge and the polluted water bank not like the rest of the people?

Social media critics wrote: “She wouldn’t dare to expose her precious shoes to the soil of the village?”

Anger and resentment mixed with ridicule dominated the networking sites after the spread of pictures of the minister's visit, which some considered a provocation to the poor people, while some saw it as a natural extension of what the regime's president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who had already walked his motorcade over long-stretched red carpets during the opening of some projects in February 2016, despite repeated talk of the need for austerity.





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