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BBC: Britain and Its Western Allies Have Sold the Future of Afghanistan

2021/08/17 12:08:00 |
The withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan is scheduled to be completed by August 31, 2021.
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The Persian version of the British BBC website highlighted the continuing operations for the withdrawal of international forces from Afghan territory, the most important of them being Britain and the United States of America.

It quoted a former army official in Britain that it and its allies had sold the future of Afghanistan, he described it as a wrong strategy.

It also talked about the peace agreement between the Taliban and the USA, which includes severing the movement's relationship with terrorist groups, and this did not happen.


Taliban Attacks 

Former British Army Chief of Staff General Richard Barrons told the BBC: Britain and its Western allies have sold the future of Afghanistan.

This talk at a time when the Taliban attacks on cities in Afghanistan continue, it managed to impose its control over more than half of the country's regions.

The Taliban fighters tightened their control over the lands they seized in Afghanistan, while civilians hid inside their homes.

In the past six days, the Taliban took control of 9 capitals of the Afghan provinces.

Most NATO members and non-NATO members left Afghanistan after 20 years of war.

The process of withdrawing US forces will also be completed until the end of August, according to the website.

General Barrons explained to the BBC's “The World at the End of the Week” program, saying: “Withdrawing at the moment is a strategic mistake, and I think it is not in our favor.”

“We will face the danger of the return of terrorist groups in Afghanistan, it will hurt Europe and elsewhere,” he said.


Remain or Withdrawal 

Based on the peace treaty concluded between the Taliban and the United States, the Taliban pledged to cut ties with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

 However, international institutions’ reports indicate that “the Taliban maintains its relations with jihadist groups, although it rejected this claim.”

On the other hand, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said: “The Western allies did not accept Britain's request to remain in Afghanistan after America's withdrawal.”

Wallace also described the 2020 US-Taliban peace treaty as a corrupt treaty that caused the Taliban's recent advance.

In turn, Chairman of the Defense Committee in the British House of Commons, Tam Allwood, told the weekly newspaper “The Mail on Sunday”: “Britain and its allies should send an auxiliary force of 5,000 people to support the Afghan army to confront the Taliban.”


Troika Session

Journalist Shahab Shahswari said in an article in the Iranian newspaper Etemad that he announced that “the President of the Supreme Council for Afghan National Reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah, will travel to Doha for the second time in a month to participate in the intra-Afghan talks.

These talks are taking place in a session known as the “Troika Group”, which is being held in the presence of representatives from Russia, China, America, and Pakistan regarding the situation in Afghanistan.

Abdullah had gone to Doha in July 2021, heading a delegation of important Afghan politicians to meet with Taliban leaders.

But this session did not produce any results, and after those the Taliban’s operations intensified in controlling cities in Afghanistan.

According to a report by Etilaatroz, spokesperson for Afghanistan's Ministry for Peace Affairs, Najia Anwari, said: “The aim of this session is to create harmony among the countries participating in the peace process, speed up negotiations, and stop the current violence in Afghanistan.”

Since May 2021, violence has escalated in Afghanistan with the expansion of the Taliban's influence, coinciding with the start of the last stage of the withdrawal of US forces which is scheduled to be completed by August 31, 2021.

Afghanistan has been in war since 2001, when an international military coalition led by Washington overthrew the Taliban Regime, because, at that time, it was linked to Al-Qaeda, which claimed the September 11 attacks of the same year in the United States.




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