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Iranian Agency: Saudi’s Proximity to Qatar and Turkey Annoys the UAE

2021/07/30 18:07:00 |
“There are major events about to happen in Saudi Arabia’s relations with the UAE.”
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An Iranian agency has shed light on the conflicts between the princes of the region, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE, due to the dispute over interference in Yemenis’ affairs, and the ignition of the dispute between them due to US President Joe Biden’s announcement that Washington will not interfere in Yemen’s affairs again.

In an article, Fararu Agency dealt with the global competition between Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the relationship of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the UAE, in addition to the war raging on social media.

The agency opened its article by saying: “The Turkish news station TRT World discussed in a report the issue of the differences between Saudi Arabia and the UAE during the current period, and in particular expected the intensification of these differences and their continuation in the future.”

In this regard, TRT World wrote: “Egypt and Saudi Arabia are known as the two leading countries and leaders of the Arab world in the Middle East.”

Saudi Arabia is mentioned as the financial center of the Arab world, however, “the rise of the UAE as a new and growing financial center in the region and the world has greatly changed this traditional equation.”

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed, has entered his country into political conflicts from Egypt to Libya and Yemen; he sought to maximize his influence in the Middle East by exploiting his political and financial partners in Western countries.

In the end, it must be said that the recent crisis in OPEC (the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) highlighted that the UAE was no longer inclined to operate under the shadow of Saudi Arabia, which greatly angered Riyadh.


Tension Tighten

According to the Fararu report, many sources confirmed the issue that Riyadh, especially bin Salman, was not satisfied in any way with the increased activities of the UAE in regional issues.

In this regard, a Kuwaiti politician who is in constant contact with Saudi officials and even intelligence officials said: “The crisis between Saudi Arabia and the UAE is far greater than their current differences within the scope of OPEC.”

As a political official told TRT World, on condition of anonymity: “Disputes and problems between the two oil-rich countries in the Arab world (Saudi Arabia and the UAE) over oil production and the expansion of oil production levels by the end of 2022, has given the anti-Emirati political elite a prominent position in Saudi Arabia.”

In his interview with some Saudi Foreign Ministry officials, he said in particular: “There are major events about to happen in Saudi Arabia’s relations with the UAE."

He added that poor relations between Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the coming days are “inevitable.”

Some supervisors referred to this issue in particular, to which Saudi Arabia objects, as the UAE expands in Yemen and proves its presence and influence day after another, but Saudi Arabia does not have influence and authority, not even by 1%, in sensitive areas of Yemen such as its ports.

In the current circumstances, the UAE controls the Socotra Islands, as well as Bab Al-Mandab; those areas that enjoy a special strategic location. Bab Al-Mandab is located in the Red Sea (between the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula) and the Socotra Islands are located in the Gulf of Aden, and both regions enjoy a special strategic position.

Many supervisors and analysts believe that Biden’s action in announcing that Washington will not interfere in Yemen’s issues again plays a key role in exacerbating tension between Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

In fact, by doing so, Biden eliminated a key supporter of the Saudi-UAE alliance in Yemen, paving the way for a rift between the two sides.


Gain Influence

The agency stated that “one of the original axes of competition between Saudi Arabia and the UAE is the competition for the top position in the Western world,” while some analysts said in this regard that “the UAE enjoys greater influence on the Western world, and is tending to improve its relations for a better way with China, compared to Saudi Arabia.”

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia’s recent efforts to get closer to Qatar and Turkey have greatly offended the UAE, and Abu Dhabi does not see this as in line with its goals and interests. Apart from all this, some sources point out that the United Arab Emirates is in contact with some countries, which Saudi Arabia sees as a threat to its internal security.

Bin Salman and bin Zayed, the crown princes of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, have had friendly and close relations for a long time.

Recent disagreements between them have brought that friendship and consideration into question.

Some supervisors and analysts believe that without the help of a person like bin Zayed, bin Salman could not have reached power in Saudi Arabia in the first place.

On the other hand, bin Salman is receiving more foreign support, especially from Western governments, especially after the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi and the widespread protests against him.

Some diplomatic sources said in this regard: “Biden’s administration accepts and supports bin Salman, and in return, Biden wants to limit the influence and control of the UAE in the region whenever possible; restricting the UAE, however, is undoubtedly a difficult task, given the intensification of regional activities in the country.”

Regardless, Saudi Arabia is keenly seeking to exploit the Arab Gulf states as a tool against the Emirates, and so, Saudi Arabia has intensified its diplomatic relations with Kuwait and is trying to incite this Arab sheikhdom against the UAE, according to the agency.


New-Media War

A Kuwaiti diplomatic source said recently that “Kuwait’s Crown Prince, Mishal Al‑Ahmad Al‑Jaber Al‑Sabah, traveled to Riyadh in early June 2021, at the request of bin Salman.”

The diplomat added: “Bin Salman has close relations with Kuwait, and asked his counterpart to prevent attacks on Saudi Arabia by Kuwaiti citizens on social media.”

Kuwaiti citizens were waging a special campaign on Twitter, directly and indirectly, against Saudi Arabia.

In this case, after the Kuwaiti crown prince traveled to Saudi Arabia, these campaigns “changed the course” from Saudi Arabia to the Emirates.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have many fake accounts on social media, which they use in wars against each other.

Some said in this regard: “There are not thousands, but millions of fake accounts.”

In particular, in 2019, Twitter, through research and investigation, reached a conclusion indicating that the UAE and Saudi Arabia are using fake accounts on social networks for political purposes, one of its aims to weaken the opposite party.




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