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Execution by Electric Chair & Withdrawal of ‘Citizenship’: Israeli Government Formulates Revenge Projects Against Palestinians

2023/02/06 16:02:00 | Sara Andalousi | Reports
"Executing Palestinian prisoners who carried out operations through the electric chair."
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Since the formation of the coalition government of Benjamin Netanyahu in the last Israeli elections last November 2022, extremist Zionist parties have been working to pass laws of a racist nature, through which they target the Palestinian presence in the Arab society occupied in 1948.

The extremist Israeli Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, has recently been promoting the law of executing Palestinian prisoners who carried out operations through the electric chair, in addition to the law of revoking nationality and deporting Palestinian prisoners who hold the “blue” identity from the Palestinians of 1948 or residents of occupied Jerusalem.


Legalizing the Violations

The enactment of the law, which was voted on in the first reading by the Israeli Knesset, comes as part of the Israeli attempts to fight the prisoners from the Palestinian interior and Jerusalem.

The Palestinian journalist Nidaa Bassoumi explained that the government seeks to find a “legal justification” for deporting them to the Palestinian Authority’s lands in the occupied West Bank or to the Gaza Strip, as was the case of a large group of prisoners who were released in the Gilad Shalit deal, and “Israel” exiled them after their liberation to the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli state’s need for this new racist law against international law emerged after the failure to deport the two prisoners released from prisons, Karim and Maher Younes, from the occupied territories after they spent more than 40 years in Israeli prisons and detention centers.

The racist coalition in “Israel” and the opposition, with the exception of the Arab representatives, seeks to approve the new law with the three readings as well, to deport any Palestinian prisoner and justify any future liberation process against the prisoners after the end of their detention period.

The proposed law stipulates that if it is proven that a Palestinian prisoner, whether from the Palestinian interior or from occupied Jerusalem, has obtained allocations and funds from the Palestinian Authority or another party during his captivity, this will be tantamount to renouncing his nationality or his status as a permanent resident.


The Law’s Aims

As for the Palestinians, the law was read as a new item on the agenda of the comprehensive “transfer” operations, which aims to displace and end the Palestinian presence in “Israel.”

The moves today are expanding through the creation of racist laws and draft laws, which in the past few years have constituted the most prominent tools Israeli Occupation adopted in attempting to uproot the Palestinian from their land.

Despite the attempts of the Israeli left and center to promote the idea that they are less extreme than the right-wing and religious parties in their dealings with the Palestinian file, the first session to approve the law witnessed the approval of 89 Knesset members from the coalition and opposition parties out of 120 who voted in favor of the law.

The Likud and religious Zionist parties, Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) and United Torah Judaism, among the ruling coalition, in addition to two opposition parties, Yesh Atid (There Is a Future) headed by former Prime Minister Yair Lapid and the National Camp headed by Benny Gantz, have supported Bill 89-8 since it was introduced in mid-January.

It is not surprising that this law will be used to increase the rates of expulsion and displacement, given that the Arab population census terrifies the Israeli authorities, which went toward building a legal system targeting the Arab presence and leading to their deportation, as it begins with targeting a segment of the prisoners and then the policy expands to include groups.

Bassoumi stressed that this law can only be considered an extension of the arbitrary measures taken by the Israeli Occupation against the Palestinians in general and the Palestinians of the occupied territories in particular, which contradicts the idea that “Israel” seeks to promote itself as a “democratic state.”

It can be said that the trend toward approving this law with its three readings will strengthen the state of racism in “Israel,” and will contribute to creating a counter environment with which the measures and penalties that the Israeli governments have not stopped taking will be strengthened.

The Arab presence in the occupied territories has always been a source of concern for the leaders of the Israeli Occupation, in light of the numbers reaching about 1.7 million Palestinians.

As for the current law, it comes as part of the efforts of the Israeli authorities to implement the concept of the Jewishness of the state, and everything that contradicts this concept wants to be placed in the security field in order to facilitate its suppression and prosecution.

Therefore, the decision facilitates the suppression of the Palestinians, restricts their freedoms, and robs them of their basic rights. This is part of the implementation of the apartheid system with a legal structure.


Revealing the Real Face

In January 2023 Al-Estiklal reported that an American poll showed that 40% of Americans believe that the Israeli forces treat the Palestinians as Nazis, which was considered an indication of the deterioration of Israelis’ reputation in America in the past few years.

The poll, conducted by the ADL Center, revealed a significant and unprecedented increase in rates of hatred of Jews among American citizens, and about 18% expressed their unwillingness to spend time with people who support “Israel.”

The poll showed a significant increase in the number of anti-Israeli American youths, more than the older generations, who still generally have positions in support of “Israel.”

The center, which has been measuring anti-Semitic attitudes among Americans since the early 1960s, conducted a year-long field research examining the literature on prejudice and anti-Semitism, meeting with academic and community leaders, and conducting numerous qualitative interviews.

This survey confirmed that US Jews are more loyal to “Israel” than the United States. While 46% of those surveyed saw that “Israel” is not a pioneer in the field of technology, 24% of them said that it does not make a positive contribution to the world and negatively affects the standards of democracy.





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