Harmful Curriculum: Massive Protests Against the Promotion of Homosexuality in Canadian Schools

Murad Jandali | 10 months ago




Under the slogan #LeaveTheKidsAlone, Canadian families demonstrated in a number of cities in the country to protest the inclusion of homosexuality in children’s school curriculum and to refuse to provide sexual education courses in schools, according to what protest participants posted on social media.

The Counter Signal newspaper reported that hundreds of parents have led protests across Canada and outside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office since June, objecting to school curricula that teach their children that sex is what someone thinks it is and has nothing to do with biological sex.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was subjected to widespread criticism recently after he expressed his support for the LGBTQ community on the social media platform X.

#1MillionMarch4Children, the group organizing these demonstrations, describes itself on its website as representing all diverse backgrounds and religions and sharing one goal: “Advocating for the elimination of the Sexual Orientation and Gender  Identity (SOGI) curriculum, pronouns, gender ideology and mixed bathrooms in schools.”

The recent protests in Canadian cities follow months of cultural battles in the United States and Canada over gay rights, particularly those involving transgender people and medical sex-assignment care for minors.

Last June, the Public School Board in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, announced that some parents had decided not to send their children to school due to the announcement of the start of LGBTQ Month activities.

The School Council added that because of this occasion, student absence rates in schools increased, reaching more than 40% and reaching 60% in other schools.

Some parents stated that their children’s absence was due to homosexual practices at their celebration events.


Harmful Curriculum

To protect their children from distortion of gender identity and the teaching of sexual material in schools from kindergarten to twelfth grade, parents in Canada organized demonstrations on September 19, 2023, to which they called on all Canadian citizens, regardless of race, religion, or political leanings.

Thousands of people participated in the demonstrations in the capital, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and a large number of cities in the country, chanting slogans calling for protecting children and not imposing sexual orientations on them.

According to the Canadian CBC network, hundreds of people demonstrated in St. John’s, Grand Falls, Windsor, and Conner Brook this week to protest homosexuality programs and policies in schools.

Most protesters revealed that they do not oppose the LGBTQ community but rather oppose school systems that promote homosexuality issues in ways that they believe conflict with the values and beliefs they want to raise their children with.

The march’s organizer, Kamel el-Cheikh, rejected legacy media and union claims that the protest is anti-gay or anti-trans.

The protesters raised Canadian flags, calling on the government to intervene urgently to protect children and put in place legislation that criminalizes teaching these curricula.

French journalist Alexandra Lavoie posted on her account on X a video of a large crowd of demonstrators in Montreal as part of the Million March for Children campaign, calling for respect for values and children.

Billionaire Elon Musk also published a number of posts showing video clips of demonstrations across Canada.

But the rallies are being met with counter-protesters who say those policies are a violation of children’s rights and that transgender youth should not be outed to their parents by teachers.

MP Jagmeet Singh, the leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), led a group of counter-protesters down Wellington Street.

Union counter-protesters, including MP Jagmeet Singh, the leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), tried to intimidate Pastor Henry Hildebrandt in the street of Ottawa near Parliament Hill where the pastor was supporting parental rights, and addressed Singh, saying: “Why are you against the people?”

Commenting on the protests, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau published a post on the X platform in English and French, in which he said: “Transphobia, homophobia, and biphobia have no place in this country.”

He also strongly condemned the protests that took place in some Canadian cities, adding: “We stand united in support of 2SLGBTQI+ Canadians across the country.”

Most Canadian parents side with New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs against Justin Trudeau.

A poll finds that the majority of Canadians agree with New Brunswick’s Progressive Conservative Premier Blaine Higgs on requiring parents to be notified if their child wishes to change genders or pronouns at school.

In Fredericton, Premier of New Brunswick Blaine Higgs, whose government helped spark the national debate about gender policies in schools, told reporters that parents must be informed if their children are questioning their gender identity.

The leader of the Conservative Party of British Columbia, John Rustad, issued a statement in support of the rallies against gender ideology in schools, stating he would end SOGI curriculums if elected

The Ottawa Police stated in a statement on X that they had arrested two people on charges of incitement to hatred, while local media reported that a third had been arrested on charges of causing unrest.

Activists reported that the arrests were due to trampling on the flag that symbolizes homosexuals during one of the demonstrations.

In turn, Jack Dan commented on the allegations being made regarding the protests, saying: “The protest was not about hate. It was not about hating the Gay community. It was about Parents and their kids and their right to be included in their children’s education and their right to ask questions.”

On her part, Grandparent Nana said in her post on X that “the government does not own our children. Parents do have rights. Government does not have the right to indoctrinate and advise children not to tell their parents.”

Retired policeman Jim Murphy said: “This protest is peaceful and has a strong message, it isn’t anti LGBTQ it is pro-family and pro-children.”

YouTuber Truckdriver Pleb said in his post on X: “Today was a massive victory in the culture war against ‘woke’. Parents outnumbered the counter protestors by a lot. These wacko leftists are losing and they are losing big.”

In turn, Ashley Renck posted a picture of a young woman wearing a hijab and holding a sign that read, “Never trust anyone who tells you, don’t tell your parents.”

As for Liz Churchill, she said in her post: “To all of our Friends in the Muslim Community protesting today against the heinous acts taking place against our children. please consider suing any MP/Government Official that is calling you a ‘Bigot, Bozo, Hateful’ under Trudeau’s own anti-Islamophobia Laws.”


Deep Harassment

Last June, users on social media shared an audio recording of a Canadian teacher reprimanding Muslim students for refusing to attend activities that support homosexuals, demanding that they respect others or leave the country.

During the rolling recording, the teacher speaks in an angry tone to the students, saying: “If you want people to respect your religion. You have to give them the same respect.”

The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) published a statement denouncing the content of the circulating recording, and expressing its concern about the targeting of Muslim students who refuse to participate in LGBTQ support events.

The council reported that the incident occurred at Londonderry School in the city of Edmonton in the Canadian state of Alberta after Muslim students objected to participating in any activity to support homosexuals.

The council described the teacher’s speech in the recording as extremely anti-Islamic and inappropriate behavior and constitutes deep harassment toward Muslim students.

A large number of activists denounced the incident on social media platforms, as activist Rukhsana Sokhan said: “Dear Canada, Today I am very sad. Tell me, why did my Guyanese father bother to come to this country? Because he believed you were tolerant and loving here. I am glad he is dead and cannot see how wrong he was about this place. This is not my Canada anymore when I have to buy acceptance in my own damn country.”

It is noteworthy that during June of each year, Canadian schools hold activities supporting homosexuality under the pretext of respecting gender choices, a measure that many Islamic and Christian civil organizations consider a violation of the basic rights protected by the Canadian Constitution.

The number of Muslims in Canada is more than one million, which constitutes 3.2% of the total population of about 38 million people.