A Dangerous Moral Shift: How Disney Intends to Spread ‘Homosexuality’ Among Kids

Murad Jandali | 2 years ago




The famous Disney company announced that it aims by the end of this year that at least half of the cartoon characters they present will be gay or transgender, which has sparked fear among parents, who see it as a dangerous shift that must be accompanied by legitimate concern.

It is noteworthy that the Disney Film Company has always been the most preferred by all family members; but recently, after its controversial statements in support of so-called LGBTQ rights, it poses a great danger to children and the system of moral values in societies from the point of view of many, which cannot be Justify it with the freedom of creativity or expression of opinion.


Targeting Children

Leaked videos from a Zoom meeting of some Disney leaders revealed their outspoken support for the LGBTQ community, the New York Post reported on March 30, 2022.

In a video leaked to journalist Christopher Rufo of the Manhattan Institute's City Journal, the president of Disney’s General Entertainment Content, Karey Burke, vowed to up the ante on social diversity policies during a company meeting.

Burke, who is a mother of two children, one transgender and one bisexual, promised during the meeting that by the end of 2022 at least half of the characters in the company's productions will be from the LGBTQ community.

While Karey Burke was expressing her happiness and crying tears of joy at Disney's new orientation, especially with her reference to the sexual orientation of her children, and her approval of Disney's new vision towards the LGBTQ community, Presenter Megyn Kelly Show criticized Disney's new approach, saying it was unnecessary and overstepping the mark.

Megan Kelly, in one of the episodes of her program that was shown on March 30, explicitly said that she does not want these ideas to be passed on to children, especially since films can be made to teach them more important things such as kindness, tolerance and helping others.

The spread of the leaked video sparked discussions and questions among the public about homosexual content in Disney and sexual content in general within works produced primarily for children, especially since one of the largest entertainment companies in the world wants these characters to be present in all the Disney films that millions of children around the world watch.

These statements made many parents worried about their children, fearing that they would be affected by these actions, which will include gay or transgender cartoon characters, and it is a step that they saw as coming at this rapid pace that aims to change the thinking of children at a critical stage in the formation of their cognition and biological development.

Activists criticized how Disney imposes on entire communities what is not commensurate with their cultures and values, given the figure that the proportion of homosexuals does not exceed 3% of the world's population, noting that what the cartoon company is doing under the name of freedom is a violation of freedom, calling on people to boycott Disney and all of its products.

Indeed, some parents have started calling for a boycott of Disney subscriptions so as not to help them do so, while others have begun to put forward proposals for producing cartoons away from the models they see as incompatible with the traditions of their societies.

In turn, Sara Ismail, a housewife and mother of 3 children, indicated in a statement to Al-Estiklal that she was angry over the recent announcement by Disney, stressing that she would boycott all films and cartoon series produced by the company.

“Anger is a natural feeling because I depended on Disney to keep my children entertained. However, now I will boycott all their products, because they are trying to impose their ideas and culture on societies with soft power, and they seek to exploit helpless children during the period of forming their minds,” she added.

It is noteworthy that Disney has produced many characters that have become known in every home, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Aladdin, among others, and it also owns Marvel Studios, Pixar, Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, and others.


Subliminal Sexual Messages

During the same meeting that caused uproar in Western circles a few months ago, another Disney employee spoke of having eliminated the use of gender pronouns (he, she) in all sectors since the summer of 2021, as she described how Disney is a gay-friendly environment.

“We've removed all gender compliments, so we're no longer saying ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... we're saying hello everyone or hello friends,” said Vivian Ware, Disney diversity and inclusion manager, the New York Post reported on 30 March 2022.

Disney does not hide its agenda even outside its business, these decisions coincided with a law signed by Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, to prohibit state schoolteachers from discussing topics of other sexual orientation with students before the fourth grade, but Disney denounced and condemned the law known as “Don't Say Gay.”

Disney also pledged to fight for the law to be repealed, in a statement saying: “Our goal as a company is to have this law repealed by the legislature or invalidated in the courts, and we remain committed to supporting the national and government organizations working to achieve this.”

At that time, some Disney employees also organized strikes and protests against the bill, and the company internally sent messages to its employees emphasizing its commitment to LGBTQ rights.

A report by the Guardian newspaper, published on March 21, 2022, indicated that “Disney, which usually does not interfere in many controversial social issues, but as a result of this law, it halted its millions of dollars in funding for Republican and Democratic politicians in Florida because of their opposition to gay associations.

“There are hidden sexual messages in Disney movies, even though they are children's films. Disney depends for its profits on the fact that children are completely oblivious to the sexual suggestions it inserts in its films, as this is a conspiracy to brainwash children through subliminal sexual messages,” according to the Huffington Post's report on Disney's practices, published in December 2020.

On the other hand, many of those who are not fooled by the marketing gimmicks believe that Disney is promoting the image of modernity, and it is doing what it does as part of strategies and policies that have come to be known as “pinkwashing.”

This is when the company supports issues that have become of interest to societies, such as homosexuality, for marketing and promotional purposes to hide the company's corruption and other shortcomings.

Whereas Disney claims to support LGBTQ issues, on the one hand, it exposes its employees to long working hours and unfair wages on the other, while its net profits are constantly increasing, as well as numerous allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace, forcing employees to wear masks and costumes, plagiarism and animal cruelty across the many Disney parks and sanctuaries; the allegations that have tarnished Disney's reputation since its founding are of constant concern to the company's followers and critics.


Disney Supports LGBTQ

Disney has been touting and symbolically supporting the LGBTQ community for years, especially since 2018, by allowing the sale of rainbow souvenirs inside the company's theme parks and hosting annual Gay Days events and celebrations.

Although Disney came under attack from conservative lawmakers, over the course of subsequent months of rejecting any laws unfavorable to the LGBTQ community, it continued to support the LGBTQ community and took greater steps.

Disney has also defended the 20th Century Fox company as the home of LGBTQ stories over the years but said it wasn't comprehensive enough.

Hence, Disney launched a campaign called Reimagine Tomorrow with the aim of representing more minority groups.

In the same context, in May 2022, Disney began marketing and promoting rainbow-colored products under the name Pride Collection, noting that the profits from those sales will go to a group of advocacy organizations for the LGBTQ community until the end of June 2022, according to a report published by the Los Angeles Times on May 18, 2022.

As for the characters that appeared in Disney films and supported or paved the way for the emergence of gay characters, it began with the 2016 movie Zootopia, in which Judy and Pronk's neighbors Bucky and Pronk appeared as a gay couple.

In 2020, an openly gay character, Officer Specter, appeared in the Disney-produced Pixar movie Onward, and although the character was not a major, she explicitly alluded to her homosexual relationship with her friend in one of the scenes; in response, the censors of some Arab and Islamic countries deleted the scene, according to Deadline Hollywood newspaper.

These films aimed primarily at children were not the only Disney films that allude to or show homosexuality in their works, the report of the Collider website, which specializes in covering news and reviews of movies and series, mentioned 10 models of characters that he saw as promoting homosexuality in Disney's works.

It is noteworthy that the grandson of Walt Disney, Charlee Corra, announced last April that he had become a transgender person, and talked about his family's support advocacy groups for the LGBTQ community; this came during the same period in which Disney increased support for gays, and rejected the law that forbids talking to children about them.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times on April 10, 2022, Corra said of his family's regret for not doing more to help the LGBTQ community, during an annual ceremony in Los Angeles last March, Disney announced a donation of $250,000 to an LGBTQ support organization, which was then increased to $500,000.

In general, Disney has been criticized throughout its history because of sexual innuendos in general and away from homosexuality in a number of its most famous films made primarily for children.

A report by The Independent on May 30, 2022, revealed that 17 of the most famous Disney films contain explicit or implicit sexual innuendos, such as Toy Story, Frozen, Aladdin, and Ratatouille.